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Our Best Answer - Is there orientation for new students?

New Student Orientation

Undergraduate Students

Our Student Orientation Program will introduce you to the UCSB campus, important student services and academic expectations at the university level. Students who attend orientation will receive extensive academic advising and meet with faculty, staff and continuing UCSB students. Freshmen will register for their fall quarter classes with assistance from our staff. Transfers will register early for fall classes after the conclusion of all of the orientation sessions in mid-August.

Parents can play an important role in promoting the personal development and academic success of their son or daughter during the college years. For this reason, UCSB has designed a Parent Orientation Program that will help parents to support, understand and encourage their student as he or she makes the transition to university life.


Graduate Students

There are a number of orientation activities available for graduate students. All information is available at Graduate Division - Orientation. Also check with your home department for information about department-specific orientation events.

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