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Diploma Receipt

You have a financial block on your BARC account:  If you have a block on your account at the end of the quarter for which you have declared candidacy to graduate, your diploma will be held until that block is cleared.  Please log into your myBARC account; if you have a BARC block, you must contact the BARC office by phone at (805) 893-3756, or by email to  If you have a University Center block, you must contact the University Center by phone at (805) 893-4097.  Once your block is cleared, you will be required to submit a release form and pay an additional processing fee of $19.00 (Domestic mailing) or $24.00 (International or Certified mailing) to have your diploma mailed to you.  To initiate this process contact the Office of the Registrar at (805) 893-3592 or email   Alternatively, you may pick up your diploma at the Office of the Registrar with a photo ID during normal business hours.

Your diploma was mailed to the wrong address (check GOLD):  If your diploma was mailed to an incorrect address, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (805) 893-2633 or email to see if the Post Office returned it to us.

You don't have a financial block and your address is correct:  Contact the Office of the Registrar at (805) 893-3592 or email

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