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Our Best Answer - Where can I find an internship?

Career Services Center

Many internships are located on campus and the Career Services Center offers a variety of tools for students to get connected. Experiential work-based learning, such as internships, complements academic preparation so that students can become more confident and competitive for full-time jobs, graduate school, and other post-graduation goals.

For further information please visit the Career Services website. You may contact their office directly by phone (805) 893-4412 or in-person at Career Services, Bldg. 599.


The FRAP Directory is your go-to place for discovering new research projects taking place on campus. Professors can submit projects on a rolling basis to have their listing hosted on the directory. Although the Directory is categorized by department, don’t allow that to limit you – a number of projects on the directory look for students from across the disciplines, so feel free to explore your interests outside of your major or minor and get involved in interdisciplinary research. Check out the FRAP Directory.

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