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Declaring or Changing a Major or Minor

Newly-admitted students (prior to start of first quarter at UC Santa Barbara): Please visit the Office of Admissions Major Changes page for instructions.

Undergraduate students:

*During COVID-19  please contact  the department you wish to move into for approval.  You may contact them through their department email.  State you wish to move into the major and acquire a major change petition. They will guide you on the rest of the process and submit on your behalf to the appropriate email address.


To change your major (or add/drop a double major), please use the Change of Major Petition available from the Office of the Registrar’s website and follow the instructions on the form.  To declare or change a minor, please contact the minor department.  For any questions regarding advising, please contact your College office.

If you are changing from one college to another, you will need to secure signatures from the chair of the department(s) that sponsor your proposed new major(s) and the dean of your college(s). More information on changing or declaring a major can be found on the College of Letters & Science website.

Graduate students: Please contact the Graduate Division

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