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Application Deadline

Undergraduate Students

As a rule, UC Santa Barbara accepts applications from first-time freshman and junior-level transfer students only.* The chart shows current information on which UC Santa Barbara quarters are open. Usually, UCSB only accepts applications in the fall quarter and is closed for winter and spring admission. Visit the University of California Admissions website for more information on how to apply.

UC Santa Barbara Application Periods

Filing Period

Nov. 1 - 30

Freshman Applicants

Submit Nov. 1 - 30

Junior-level Transfer

Submit Nov. 1 - 30

International Applicants

Submit Nov. 1 - 30

* UCSB’s College of Creative Studies will accept applications for senior-level transfer.

Deadlines are rarely extended for those who wish to apply late or to a closed term. For more information on these circumstances and submitting a written appeal, please visit the "Applying to a Late or Closed Term" section of the How to Apply page.


Graduate Students

The application deadline for graduate students varies by department. To determine the deadline for your department of interest, visit Graduate Programs at UCSB. You are strongly advised to submit your online application and all required supporting materials well in advance of the official deadline.

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