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Our Best Answer - What resources are available to LGBTQ students?/What is the RCSGD?

 LGBTQ resources
UC Santa Barbara offers a variety of resources for LGBTQ students! There are inclusive housing options with the Rainbow House and Gender Inclusive Housing. UCSB offers a minor in LGBTQ Studies and hosts over 10 LGBTQ student organizations. The campus has All Gender Restrooms to provide accessible and safe options for all students.
Additionally, the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity provides resources for LGBTQ students at UC Santa Barbara. The center aims to create a vibrant and engaging environment through social and educational programming, volunteer and leadership opportunities, a comfortable and welcoming social and study space, and professional and student staff members for support and advocacy. 
The Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity plans weekly events during the academic year, which include nationally known speakers, drag shows, and community building opportunities for students. Check out more about the RCSGD by visiting our website.

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