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Missing Grades at Graduation

If you have an unresolved NR, NG, IP, or I grade on your record and you have met all University, College, and major requirements; you can still graduate.  However the NR, NG, IP, or I grade will remain on your record permanently.  NR, NG, IP, and I grades are calculated as failing grades in your final degree evaluation. Once your degree has been awarded, your record is sealed and no changes can be made to your record. 

“I” grades only: An Incomplete grade on the student’s record at the time of graduation in a course not necessary for the fulfillment of degree requirements may be removed only up to the end of the fifth week of the term following the date of graduation. An Incomplete grade may be removed by the student’s submission of completed coursework to the faculty member for the assigning of a new grade. If not removed, the Incomplete grade remains an “I” permanently.

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