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Placement Tests

Undergraduate Students

All students who enter the University of California as freshmen must demonstrate their command of the English language by fulfilling the Entry Level Writing Requirement (formerly known as Subject A requirement). UCSB students who have not satisfied the ELWR requirement by May 1 will be invited to participate in the Collaborative Writing Placement (CWP). Details about the CWP and ways to satisfy ELWR can be found on UCSB's Writing Program webpage.

There is also a math placement exam which may be required, depending on your major.


Graduate Students

All incoming international graduate students and permanent residents whose first language is not English must take the English Language Placement Examination (ELPE) at the beginning of their first quarter of enrollment.

All prospective teaching assistants (TAs) whose first language is not English must also take the TA Language Evaluation prior to being certified to hold sole classroom teaching or laboratory responsibilities. Your home department will schedule a TA Language Evaluation prior to your first teaching appointment when required.

More information about these exams is available from the Graduate Division.

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