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Our Best Answer - How do I get a verification of enrollment?


Official Verifications

Official verifications are intended for current students only. They are printed on official security paper, with a watermarked university seal.

Current Students:

Ordering instructions and pricing for official verifications can be found by logging into GOLD (Gaucho Online Data). Once logged in, click on Transcripts|Verifications, then click on Official Verifications.

Former Students:

Ordering instructions and pricing for degree and enrollment verifications can be found by using our online ordering vendor, the National Student Clearinghouse.

Unofficial Verifications

Unofficial verifications of a student's record are available free of charge to current and former students through GOLD. Once logged in, click on Transcripts|Verifications, then click on Unofficial Verifications.

Please note - student who attended UCSB prior to 1987 may need to contact the Office of the Registrar before this option is available to them. Please send and email to for more information. 

Free Verifications for Public Access

The Public Verification service is designed for 3rd party entities to verify a student's directory information. 

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