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AB 540 Application/Affidavit

With regard to residency for tuition purposes, “AB 540” refers to University policy adopted from State statute that provides for an exemption from nonresident tuition fees for eligible California high school students. To learn more about AB540 please visit AB540 Information.

Students seeking an exemption from nonresident tuition fees under AB540 follow the same procedures as all other students who are new to the Santa Barbara campus. Following final review of each new student’s Statement of Legal Residence, those students who are determined to be nonresidents for tuition purposes and who have indicated graduation from a California high school will receive their AB540 Application and Affidavit by mail. New fall students who are determined to be nonresidents can expect to receive their AB540 Application and Affidavit in late July.

For further residency information, please visit the Registrar's website. For further residency questions, please contact the campus Residency Deputy

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